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Kamenz and our school
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New York strijdt tegen misdragende strip
Evaluation of the project

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The most complete professional Web2.0 tool for your high quality international projects !

Private and secure embedded video (eJTube), Web Conferencing facilities, private chat channels and much more!
Students learn to create and publish, to communicate and to collaborate

eJournals allow teachers to  structure web-based project work and to coach their students effectively

Interactive Fastwrite questionnaires help students write compositions, articles, essays, evaluations and accelerate project making

Added value for students
A place for students to expose their fantasy, imagination and creativity
A tool for research, communication, collaboration and evaluation
Live online sessions enable spoken interaction
A showcase of the progress and of the project results

All most widely spoken languages of user interfaces enhance cooperation across borders

Tutorial in English
Help desk
Project scenarios
Best practices
Learn Internet projects by doing (Online teacher-in-service courses)
The features at a glance
• Publishing
o Easy web publishing of all digital materials including video
o Open to external visitors (as a website)
o Option of sharing folders with other eJournals

• All-round communication by webconferencing
o Live online room with sharing presentations, screen captures, whiteboard, text chat, and visiting web pages together

• Communication by text
o Sending and receiving internal messages
o Sending emails
o Discussion forum and comments on single articles
o Private text chat in every eJournal

• Private and secure embedded video (eJTube) on safe server

• Space to store images, sound, video, documents, PPT's, Hot Potatoes and other online exercises

• Online evaluation forms available

• Technical support /helpdesk
o Technical support with tutorials and tutorial movies
o Helpdesk and online training available (on demand)

• Privacy
o password protection
o sharing articles for chosen users only (Intranet)
o option to set the eJournal private

• Customizing
o Interface in 19 languages (including all main spoken languages in the world)
o Options of individualize the outlook

• Search in project database

• Information on each eJournal
o options: number of visitors (general), best rated article, most recent article
o Log: insight in all contributions (only for teachers)

• RSS allows you to read new articles in an RSS feedreader

• Help integrated: technical help, help for projects and fastwrite questionnaires

Ask for more information mail@euneos.fi Ask for more information mail@euneos.fi
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