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Article linkAIR_POLLUTION(05/26/06, Karakonstantaki Aikaterini)
by Anastasia Gigoudi
Article linkElectronic whiteboards(04/26/06, Hertel Klaus, Uschi Schmack)
The use of an electronic whiteboard in an English lesson
Article linkICT and oral English(05/17/06, Melanie Auriel)
Article linkInterdisciplinary use of technology.(04/30/06, Magna Vega Ramos)
Article linkIntergenerational education(04/29/06, Robert Conings)
ICT-lessons by youngsters for adults
Article linkThe 20th High School of Patras, Greece(05/09/06, Asimakis Georgopoulos)
Leonardo Da Vinci’s exhibition
Article linkTHE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN FOOTBALL(05/02/06, Mattias Johansson)
Working with students about thw world cup in fotball, using ICT
Article linkWebquest about energy(05/04/06, Mattias Johansson)
This is a webquest in science about energy and how it is made.
Article linkWebQuest on the road(06/04/06, Hans Feldmeier)
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