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Bella Venezia
There lived an innkeeper named Bella Venezia.
Every day she asked her costumers, if she
was the prettiest woman they have ever seen.
When the costumer said, he had seen a more beautiful woman,
she made a plan.
She went to the kitchen boy and promised him,
if he killed her daughter, she would marry him.
Then the kitchen boy went to Bella Venezia's daughter
and confessed that her mother wanted him to kill her.

The kitchen boy led Bella Venezia's daughter into the
forest and killed a lamb in her place.

One day a man came into Bella Venezia's inn and told
her that he had seen a more beautiful woman in the forest.

A witch begged every day in front of the inn and Bella Venezia promised her half her fortune if she could put an end to her daughter.

Bella Venezia's daughter found the hair clip, which the witch had laid on a tree stump and put it on. When she put the hair clip on, she fell in a deep sleep.

One day a prince came to the forest and found the girl.

When he tried to lift her up, the hair clip fell out of her hair .
She opened her eyes and saw the prince. Then they fell in love and married.
Date created:02/28/12
Last change:03/01/12

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