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 Thor goes fishing
Thor the mighty god of thunder once went to the giant Hymirs place. There he ate all of Hymirs food so that they had to go fishing. After Hymir provides Thor with bait, Thor strikes the head of Hymirs largest ox of to use it as bait.
Hymir was able to catch two whales and was very sadisfied, but Thor said that he want to catch something much bigger than whales and rowed further into the sea.
When Thor was sadisfied with their position he threw his bait into the ocean and waited. After a few seconds the Midgard serpert ( Who so large that it´s able to surround the world) rose up and snatched the bait.
Before Thor was able to hit the serpent with Mjölnir (his hammer), Hymir who got scared cut the rope with his knife so that the serpent was able to flee.
Thor was so angry that he killed Hymir with one hit of Mjölnir and went alone back to land. 
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